Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I lost my scout!

(photo by R. DelVecchio, US Army)
Mike was my scout, my front guard. I met him six years ago at a conference in Denver, and we just connected. We stayed in touch. I called him to make sure he was still making spiritual progress. He would call me with profound and timely spiritual advice. Mike always called at the perfect time, totally unsolicited. “Scout” is one of six important guys you should have in your life. See “Resource” note at bottom of this post.

Mike was a reluctant prophet. Like many who struggle with this most sensitive spiritual gift, Mike was never at ease with the responsibility of hearing exactly what Almighty God is saying, and then passing that information along. His gift never went to his head.

Over these few years, Mike had an impact on my life. He encouraged me to continue carrying my nine-foot wheeled cross across cities around the U.S., and to carry the burdens of the nation in Christ’s name.

On 3/17/03, Mike said, “Hold steady and depend on the Lord, Be shed of the anchors that hold you down, be ready to move freely. Let us be faithful with our income, tithes and offerings.”

On 8/25/04 Mike told me, “watch the eye gate - the things you see. Watch the ear gate - the things people say to you.”

On 9/7/05, “take authority over the enemy.”

On 6/13/06, “Be the leader of holiness in your family.”

And just three days before he left us on 7/9/08, Mike called with this gem, “Don't talk so much. Be quiet and listen. Let the Lord get a word in edgewise.”

Hey Mike, who asked you? Who made you prophet over my life? Do I need this kind of rebuke? What kind of friend are you? Mike was the most special kind of friend – a friend who speaks the truth in love. There is no more valuable friend than one who is willing to tell you - straight up - the way things are.

To all you who wrestle with God over your gift, please obey the Lord and speak what God gives you. Sure we stone our prophets, but without your obedience, we will perish. Without you, our cause of death will be written down as “ignorance and stupidity.”

Right now, I’ve got a major opening in my “circle.” Thanks, Lord, for sending Mike to serve so well.

You will be missed, but we'll see you soon, bro!

See “Six Vital Relationships No Man Should Do Without” from Encourage Men to Pray Ministries.


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James T. Allerton

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