Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Iran dances with war

Unbelievable! But not so shocking given Iran and their leader's messiah (pariah?) complex. What would provoke Iran's Republican Guard to taunt the U.S. Navy in the Straits of Hormuz yesterday?

How close did those Iranian speed boats come to being obliterated? (seconds) Put yourself in the moment... speedboats come up close, dumping large boxes overboard in the path of the big US warships. Then the boats speed away.

Thanks to mil-blogger The Daily Blogster for his quick overview.

Just think about it. What happens if Iran actually chooses to sacrifice a few boats just to get the US to use its force? What does Iran gain by instigating a blockade of the busy oil transport lanes? Is Iran willing to walk away from exports of nearly 3 million barrels of oil a day? What does a naval war between Iran and the U.S. look like?

The Fifth Fleet commanders on the bridge that day should be saluted for remaining so, so cool under imminent threat. Remind me never to play poker with those guys.